Training Process


The class is a combination of technology and traditional way of teaching. Our teachers focus on key digital channels, giving you a valuable insight into the prevailing trends in Digital Marketing.

Internet Marketing is a vast domain, and we choose guest faculty from different areas, ensuring that no area remains untouched. They teach you on their area of expertise and skill sets. Each of our teaching modules will be taught by an instructor with subject expertise.

  • We integrated technology such as web, pictures, video with traditional teaching
  • Our faculty comprises full-time and guest faculty; All our guest faculty have experience in industry
  • Students are encouraged to undertake laboratory based practical works; You will be assigned the tasks of maintaining Facebook business page, Twitter handle, running a PPC campaign
  • We help students measure their learning
  • Learners will be assigned the task of developing and executing an end-to-end Internet Marketing Strategy
  • One-to-one interaction with teachers and discussion among learners are facilitated at regular interval
  • Reading materials in print and digital format are provided to every students