SMO Training Course

Best SMM training in Noida (Social Media Marketing)

Social media has emerged as one of the most accessible and most inexpensive platforms for marketing campaigns. SMM is all about getting the best out of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare, YouTube, Google+ and other social networking sites. Social networking sites capture the bulk of online time being spent by people. A business organization or brand’s digital marketing plan is incomplete without having a presence on either all of these sites or the sites which are best suited for their bossiness plan.

Good content is what succeeds on social media platforms. A good content gets an instant connection with the audience, and get people talk about their brand. Creating good content is not enough. Creating different content for different sites, being aware of the latest tools, technologies, plug-ins, innovations are what makes a successful social media campaign.

Why is SMM important?

Social Media Marketing helps you validate your brand. Branding is truly essential for any company to connect
with their prospective clients and gain their confidence. A company’s social media marketing, if done correctly will tell its consumers that their brand is well focused on providing values to their client and for thriving communication with consumers. It enhances the reach by targeting the whole bunch of prospective customers at a time.

How can we help you?

We provide the best Social Media Marketing (SMM) training in Noida. We have divided the entire curriculum into basic and advanced level Social Media Marketing Training which covers all the practical aspects of digital marketing.

Our institute offers industry experts assistance to help students understand the online application of Social Media Marketing.We believe in providing job oriented training to help our students so that after finishing their course, our students can get placed in top MNC’s by helping them prepare at different stages.

In order to achieve their professional goals, we offer a well-designed syllabus to our students so that they can get a real-time experience.

Why should you choose us for SMM Training in Noida?

We offer the best SMM training and assistance with placement in Noida and also best training modules that can help you cover your syllabus with ease.

  1. Discussion Sessions to clear the doubts of the Students.
  2. One on One attention by the instructors.
  3. Friendly time slots for covering both Practical and Theoretical information.
  4. The educators are certified professionals with years of experience in the field.
  5. The faculties are the working professionals in various software companies and they teach the right thing because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.
  6. Our faculties are truly expert in their field and fully up-to-date on the subjects & topics to be covered in the module.
  7. Interview preparations and job placement support so that you can easily reach your dream job goal
    Live project preparation by the mentors in order to gain experience more like an intern.

What you learn after completing this module:

• Key Concepts of social media marketing
• How to define Social Media Goals
• understanding Social Media Tools and Applications
• Setting Goals and Priorities for different social media platforms
• Use and Importance of Pinterest

Facebook Marketing

• Key concepts of Facebook Marketing & Strategies
• How to maintain Facebook Privacy
• Different types of Facebook Brand Pages
• Increasing fans on fan page
• How to do marketing on fan page (with examples)
• How to enhance Fan engagement
• Important apps to do fan page marketing
• Understanding Facebook Advertising
• Different Types of Facebook advertising
• What are the Best practices for Facebook Advertising?
• How to Create Facebook advertising campaign
• How to do Targeting in ad campaign
• Payment module-CPC (Cost per Click) vs CPM-CPA (Cost per Million-Cost per Acquisition)
• Setting up conversion tracking
• Using power editor tool for advantages.

 Twitter Marketing

• Understanding Twitter
• Understanding Twitter Setup & Profile
• How to do Twitter Marketing & define Strategies
• Tools to listen & measure influence on Twitter: Tweepy, Tweetdeck, Klout, PeerIndex
• How to do Advertising on Twitter
• How to Create Campaigns
• What are different Types of Ads
• Learning different Tools of Twitter Marketing

 LinkedIn Marketing

• Understanding LinkedIn Setup & Profile setup
• Understanding LinkedIn Marketing & making Strategies
• Key concepts of importance of LinkedIn Network Building
• How to build a LinkedIn Company page
• Understanding Difference between Individual and Company Profiles (Company profile vs Individual Profiles)
• How to manage and market on different LinkedIn groups
• How to do LinkedIn Advertising & What are its best Practices
• Key concepts of LinkedIn Publishing
• How to increase ROI (Return on investment) from LinkedIn Ads

 Google+ Marketing

• Learn about Google+ Setup
• Defining and making Google+ Marketing Strategies
• How to improve Google+ Engagement
• Making and maintaining Google+ Brand Page

  Video Marketing

•  Learning about YouTube Setup
• Understanding YouTube Marketing Strategy
• Understanding Concepts of Video Campaigns
• How to Create your 1st Video campaign
• What is the Importance of Video marketing
• What are different Benefits of Video marketing
• How to use YouTube for Business
• Strategies for Developing YouTube video for Marketing strategy
• How to Get traffic through you tube channel/video to your website
• Create video Adgroup
• Understanding Targeting options
• Understanding bid strategies for ads
• Creation of YouTube Channel
• Detail understanding of Video Marketing